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Año: 2019

Año: 2018

  • Bandera Rubio, A. J., B. Dias, J., Vincze, M. & J. Manso, L. (2018). Special issue on cognitive robotics. Cognitive Processing, 19(2), 231-232. [Más] [Bibtex]
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  • Hidalgo Paniagua, A., Bandera Rubio, J. P., De Quintanilla, M. R. & Bandera Rubio, A. J. (2018). Quad-RRT: A real-time GPU-based global path planner in large-scale real environments. Expert Systems With Applications, 99, 141-154. [Más] [Bibtex]

Año: 2017

  • A. Becerra-García, R., V. García-Bermúdez, R., Joya Caparrós, G., Fernández-Higuera, A., Velázquez-Rodríguez, C., Velázquez-Mariño, M. et al. (2017). Data mining process for identification of non-spontaneous saccadic movements in clinical electrooculography. Neurocomputing, 250, 28-36. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • A. Gutiérrez, M., J. Manso, L., Pandya, H. & Nuñez Trujillo, P. M. (2017). A Passive Learning Sensor Architecture for Multimodal Image Labeling: An Application for Social Robots. Sensors, 17, 353-371. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • Ballesteros Gómez, J., Urdiales García, C., B. Martinez, A. & Tirado, M. (2017). Automatic assessment of a rollator-user’s condition during rehabilitation using the i-Walker platform. IEEE Transactions on Neural 0Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 25(11), 2009-2017. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • Ballesteros Gómez, J., Urdiales García, C., B. Martínez, A. & Ramos-Jiménez, G. (2017). A Biomimetical Dynamic Window Approach to Navigation for Collaborative Control. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 47(6), 1123-1133. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • Ballesteros-Gómez, A., Ballesteros Gómez, J., Ortiz, X., Jonker, W., Helmus, R., J. Jobst, K. et al. (2017). Identification of Novel Brominated Compounds in Flame Retarded Plastics Containing TBBPA by Combining Isotope Pattern and Mass Defect Cluster Analysis. Environmental. Science and Technology, 51(3), 1518-1526. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • Bandera Rubio, A. J. (2017). Special issue on advances on physical agents 2016. Journal of Physical Agents, 8(1), 1-2. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • C. Pulido, J., C. González, J., Suárez-Mejías, C., Bandera Rubio, A. J., Bustos, P. & Fernández, F. (2017). Evaluating the Child–Robot Interaction of the NAOTherapist Platform in Pediatric Rehabilitation. International Journal of Social Robotics, 9(3), 343-358. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • Gonzalez-Parada, E., M. Cano-Garcia, J., Aguilera, F., Sandoval Hernández, F. & Urdiales García, C. (2017). A Social Potential Fields approach for self-deployment and self-healing in hierarchical Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks. Sensors, 17(1), 120- 141. [Más] [Bibtex]
  • Herrero Reder, I., Urdiales García, C., Peula Palacios, J. M. & Sandoval Hernández, F. (2017). CBR-based reactive behavior learning for the Memory-Prediction Framework. Neurocomputing, 250, 18-27. [Más] [Bibtex]
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  • Sandoval Hernández, F., Prieto, A. & Atencia Ruiz, M. (2017). New Trends in Computational Intelligence. Neurocomputing, 250, 1-4. [Más] [Bibtex]
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