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Año: 2011

  • On Recognition, I. W., for Scene Underst, A. & (REACTS 2011), ., editores. (2011). Region correspondence using combinatorial pyramids, Málaga, Spain. [Más]
  • Artificial Neural Networks, ., Intelligence, C. & (ESANN 2011), M. L., editores. (2011). Statistical properties of the ‘Hopfield estimator’ of dynamical systems, Bruges, Belgium. [Más]
  • Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN 2011), ., editor. (2011). Robustness of the ’Hopfield estimator’ for identification of dynamical systems, Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain). [Más]
  • On Recognition, I. W., for Scene Underst, A. & (REACTS 2011), ., editores. (2011). Incremental hybrid approach for visual landmarks recognition, Málaga, Spain. [Más]
  • on Software Development, W., in Robotics (SDIR VI), I. & 2011, I., editores. (2011). Towards a DDS-based Platform Specific Model for Robotics, Shangai, China. [Más]
  • Bandera Rubio, J. P., Marfil Robles, R., Palomino López, A., Vázquez Martín, R. & Bandera Rubio, A. J. (2011). Visual attention mechanism for a social robot. publicado online en Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, , 1-21. [Más]
  • Power Engineering, ., Energy & (POWERENG 2011), E. D., editores. (2011). Optimization of Distributed Generation Penetration in Distributed Power Electric Systems, TORREMOLINOS, MÁLAGA (SPAIN). [Más]
  • Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN 2011), ., editor. (2011). Visual Mining of Epidemic Networks, Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain). [Más]
  • García Garaluz, E., Atencia Ruiz, M., Joya Caparrós, G., García Lagos, F. & Sandoval Hernández, F. (2011). Hopfield Networks for Identification of Delay Differential Equations with an Application to Dengue Fever Epidemics in Cuba. Neurocomputing,, 74(16), 2691-2697. [Más]
  • Information Technology New Generations (ITNG 2011), ., editor. (2011). Nerve: a lightweight middleware for quality-of-service networked robotics, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. [Más]
  • Nuñez Trujillo, P. M., Vázquez Martín, R. & Bandera Rubio, A. J. (2011). Visual Odometry Based on Structural Matching of Local Invariant Features Using Stereo Camera Sensor. Sensors, 11(7), 7262-7284. [Más]
  • Palomino López, A., Marfil Robles, R., Bandera Rubio, J. P. & Bandera Rubio, A. J. (2011). A Novel Biologically Inspired Attention Mechanism for a Social Robot. EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2011, 1-10. [Más]
  • On Robotics, I. I. & (ICRA 2011), A., editores. (2011). Navigation skills based profiling for collaborative wheelchair control, Shanghai, China. [Más]
  • On Recognition, I. W., for Scene Underst, A. & (REACTS 2011), ., editores. (2011). 3D model acquisition from multiple views: Application to human body modeling, Málaga, Spain. [Más]
  • on Biomedical Electronics, I. C. & (BIODEVICES 2011), D., editores. (2011). SENSECARE: Real-time location-based health monitoring system, Roma, Italy. [Más]
  • Sandoval Hernández, F., Cabestany, J. & Prieto, A. (2011). Bio-Inspired Systems: Computational and Ambient Intelligence. Neurocomputing, 74(16), 2591-2593. [Más]
  • Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN 2011), ., editor. (2011). Early pigmentary retinosis diagnostic based on classification trees, Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain). [Más]
  • Urdiales García, C., Fernández Carmona, M., Peula Palacios, J. M., Cortés, U., Annichiaricco, R., Caltagirone, C. et al. (2011). Wheelchair collaborative control for disabled users navigating indoors. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 52(3), 177– 191. [Más]
  • On Recognition, I. W., for Scene Underst, A. & (REACTS 2011), ., editores. (2011). MIMIC: A human motion imitation component for RobotComp, Málaga, Spain. [Más]
  • Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN 2011), ., editor. (2011). Modeling detection of HIV in Cuba, Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain). [Más]
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