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Año: 2017

  • A. Gutiérrez, M., J. Manso, L., Pandya, H. & Nuñez Trujillo, P. M. (2017). A Passive Learning Sensor Architecture for Multimodal Image Labeling: An Application for Social Robots. Sensors, 17, 353-371. [Más]
  • Ballesteros Gómez, J., Urdiales García, C., B. Martinez, A. & Tirado, M. (2017). Automatic assessment of a rollator-user’s condition during rehabilitation using the i-Walker platform. IEEE Transactions on Neural 0Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 25(11), 2009-2017. [Más]
  • Ballesteros Gómez, J., Urdiales García, C., B. Martínez, A. & Ramos-Jiménez, G. (2017). A Biomimetical Dynamic Window Approach to Navigation for Collaborative Control. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, 47(6), 1123-1133. [Más]
  • Bandera Rubio, A. J. (2017). Special issue on advances on physical agents 2016. Journal of Physical Agents, 8(1), 1-2. [Más]
  • Bellotto, N., Fernández Carmona, M. & Cosar, S. (2017). ENRICHME integration of ambient intelligence and robotics for AAL, Stanford, CA, USA, Wellbeing AI: From Machine Learning to Subjectivity Oriented Computing (AAAI 2017 Spring Symposium). [Más]
  • C. Pulido, J., C. González, J., Suárez-Mejías, C., Bandera Rubio, A. J., Bustos, P. & Fernández, F. (2017). Evaluating the Child–Robot Interaction of the NAOTherapist Platform in Pediatric Rehabilitation. International Journal of Social Robotics, 9(3), 343-358. [Más]
  • Gonzalez-Parada, E., M. Cano-Garcia, J., Aguilera, F., Sandoval Hernández, F. & Urdiales García, C. (2017). A Social Potential Fields approach for self-deployment and self-healing in hierarchical Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks. Sensors, 17(1), 120- 141. [Más]
  • Herrero Reder, I., Urdiales García, C., Peula Palacios, J. M. & Sandoval Hernández, F. (2017). CBR-based reactive behavior learning for the Memory-Prediction Framework. Neurocomputing, 250, 18-27. [Más]
  • Rojas, I., Joya, G. & Catala, A., editores. (2017). Biomimetic navigation using CBR, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Cham, Springer, Universidad de Málaga. [Más]
  • Poncela González, A. (2017). PCA-based method to fuse behaviors from place characterization for robot navigation. Robótica, 35(2), 254-270. [Más]

Año: 2016

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