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Year: 2011

  • Baena, L., Urdiales García, C. & Sandoval Hernández, F. (2011). Fast gesture recognition for natural human interaction with the environment, Riviera Maya, Mexico, V International Symposium on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2011). [More]
  • On Robotics, I. I. & (ICRA 2011), A., editors. (2011). Navigation skills based profiling for collaborative wheelchair control, Shanghai, China. [More]
  • on Biomedical Electronics, I. C. & (BIODEVICES 2011), D., editors. (2011). SENSECARE: Real-time location-based health monitoring system, Roma, Italy. [More]
  • Urdiales García, C., Fernández Carmona, M., Peula Palacios, J. M., Cortés, U., Annichiaricco, R., Caltagirone, C. et al. (2011a). Wheelchair collaborative control for disabled users navigating indoors. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 52(3), 177– 191. [More]
  • Urdiales García, C., Peula Palacios, J. M., Barrué, C., J. Pérez, E., Sánchez-Tato, I., del Toro Lasanta, J. C. et al. (2011b). A new multi-criteria optimization strategy for shared control in wheelchair assisted navigation. Autonomous Robots, 30(2), 179-197. [More]

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