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Year: 2019

Year: 2018

  • Rocha, A. & Guarda, T., editors. (2018). Smartphone-Based Vehicle Emission Estimation, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (AISC), Cham, Springer, Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena. [More] [Bibtex]

Year: 2017

  • Bellotto, N., Fernández Carmona, M. & Cosar, S. (2017). ENRICHME integration of ambient intelligence and robotics for AAL, Stanford, CA, USA, Wellbeing AI: From Machine Learning to Subjectivity Oriented Computing (AAAI 2017 Spring Symposium). [More] [Bibtex]
  • Fernández Carmona, M., Coppola, C., Cosar, S. & Bellotto, N. (2017). Entropy-based abnormal activity detection fusing RGB-D and domotic sensors. [More] [Bibtex]
  • Heshmat, M., Fernández Carmona, M., Yan, Z. & Belloto, N. (2017). Active human detection with a mobile robot. [More] [Bibtex]

Year: 2016

  • Fernández Carmona, M. & Belloto, N. (2016). On-line inference comparison with Markov logic network engines for activity recognition in AAL environments, London, United Kingdom, 12th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2016). [More] [Bibtex]

Year: 2015

Year: 2014

Year: 2013

  • Jane Delany, (., Ontañón, S. & ), E., editors. (2013). Learning-Based Adaptation for Personalized Mobility Assistance, LNAI 7969, pp. 329-342, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. [More] [Online version] [Bibtex]

Year: 2012

Year: 2011

  • On Robotics, I. I. & (ICRA 2011), A., editors. (2011). Navigation skills based profiling for collaborative wheelchair control, Shanghai, China. [More] [Bibtex]

Year: 2010

Year: 2009

Year: 2007

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