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Grupo ISIS - Manuel Fernández Carmona


Año: 2018

Año: 2017

  • Bellotto, N., Fernández Carmona, M. & Cosar, S. (2017). ENRICHME integration of ambient intelligence and robotics for AAL, Stanford, CA, USA, Wellbeing AI: From Machine Learning to Subjectivity Oriented Computing (AAAI 2017 Spring Symposium). [Más]
  • Fernández Carmona, M., Coppola, C., Cosar, S. & Bellotto, N. (2017). Entropy-based abnormal activity detection fusing RGB-D and domotic sensors. [Más]
  • Heshmat, M., Fernández Carmona, M., Yan, Z. & Belloto, N. (2017). Active human detection with a mobile robot. [Más]

Año: 2016

  • Broughton, G., Krajnik, T., Fernández Carmona, M., Cielniak, G. & Bellotto, N (2016). RFID-based Object Localisation with a Mobile Robot to Assist the Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairments, páginas 366-375. United Kingdom : IOS Press. [Más]
  • Fernández Carmona, M. & Belloto, N. (2016). On-line inference comparison with Markov logic network engines for activity recognition in AAL environments, London, United Kingdom, 12th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2016). [Más]

Año: 2015

Año: 2014

Año: 2013

Año: 2012

Año: 2011

  • On Robotics, I. I. & (ICRA 2011), A., editores. (2011). Navigation skills based profiling for collaborative wheelchair control, Shanghai, China. [Más]
  • Urdiales García, C., Fernández Carmona, M., Peula Palacios, J. M., Cortés, U., Annichiaricco, R., Caltagirone, C. et al. (2011). Wheelchair collaborative control for disabled users navigating indoors. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 52(3), 177– 191. [Más]

Año: 2010

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