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Electrical Networks Management


Electrica Networks Management The research group's work in this area has two major lines: application of computational intelligence techniques to power systems, and the use of new technologies for the development of intelligent electronic devices for the remote monitorization and control of power system. In the field of application of computational intelligence techniques have been developed several applications based on ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) for predicting electric energy demand, for the evaluation and monitoring of contingencies, and to estimate the topology of the power network to improve the results of state estimation algorithms. On the other hand, the group is developing algorithms and devices that make use of the latest communication and information processing technologies for application to distribution networks (electricity, water, gas, etc.), enabling future efficient and sustainable use of resources. This area include the development of algorithms for graphical representation of the state of the network using topological colors, use of wireless technologies for network monitoring, and implementation of intelligent devices for remote control of the power network.