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Ambient Intelligence


amivitalOur Ambient Intelligence (AmI) research group emerged via specialization from the general Integrated Systems group. Our first experience in AmI was CTAN project No. 8.06/5.58.2758: TELEADM. Its aim was to develop advanced monitoring systems that would allow chronic patients or patients in rehabilitation to live in their own home environment, reducing hospitalization time. The project won the "Ciudadano" award from the association AERTEDI in 2007.

ISIS consolidated this research line through its participation in the SHARE-it project from 2007 to 2010. SHARE-IT was a STREP project funded by the EU Sixth Framework Programme, under Priority IST-2005-2.6.2. SHARE-it focused on development of adaptable and scalable assistive devices, which could be modularly integrated into an intelligent home environment to enhance individual autonomy. Research in this area was expanded with AmIVital project , also funded in 2007. ISIS is one of the public research institutions of this 4-year CENIT funded project. Some of the AmIVital objectives are modelling, design, implementation and application of AmI devices. Currently, this group is involved in newly funded projects in AmI topics, such as project TIC-3991 SIAD. SIAD is focused on creating a generic architecture for home care that can adapt by itself to different types of users through learning.