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This Project consists of developing an application which is capable of identifying trouble spots in roads and danger situations due to mistakes or reckless driving. In order to fulfill this aim, this invention intends to use a mobile phone, in particular a Nokia N95, since most users already have a mobile phone and usually take it with them everywhere they go, even when they travel by car. This N95 is provided with GPS (Global Positioning System) and an accelerometer in order to conduct an economic, preventive, non invasive and efficient monitoring. This application analyzes the data coming from these two independent and correlated sources of information during the journey. The development of an application specifically designed for Nokia N95 was required. This application was to capture all the necessary data that will, afterwards, be analyzed in the computer. The result is a report on the route and potential problems that may have arisen along the journey using a GIS (Geographic Information System) as support. This standard-based report can be visualized with various compatible GIS. We have used Google Earth due to its public and free accessibility.

Screen capture of the application

At present, the software is at a prototype stage. The software of the mobile phone just captures two files: one for GPS data and the other one for the information generated by the accelerometer. We invite you to collaborate with this project. All you need to do is sending us your capture and we will return a KMZ file to you as soon as possible and completely free of charge.


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Gerardo Reveriego


M!copilot user manual

Instalar PyS60 en el N95

Install PyS60 in your N95: you can download the two .SIS files you need from this link.

(Those suitable for N95 are 3er edition files):

  • PythonForS60_1_4_5_3rdEd.sis

    This is Python’s interpreter

  • PythonScriptShell_1_4_5_3rdEd.SIS

    This pack introduces an icon in the menu and some trial scripts. To run a script: click options >Run script

Execute datastorer.py

to do this you have to put the script in a folder named "e;Python"e; in the root of the memory card. It is advisable to create a folder named "e;Capturas"e;. The captures you make with your N95 will be saved in this folder. The 2 files of GPS data capture and accelerometer are the following:

  • ACC_Thu_Mar_19_215916_2009

  • GPS_Thu_Mar_19_215916_2009

Upload your captures

Upload your capture files. To do this, compress them into ONE zip file, send us your email address and we will send you back a KMZ file with your route so that you can visualize it on Google EarthTM. as soon as possible.





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